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Welcome to the Practice Discipleship Initiative!  Our goal is to provide training resources for congregations in their 
faith formation work with young people.

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Story of Self and Others

Mindy Makant, Lenoir-Rhyne University
Webinar PowerPoint
Making room to hear others’ stories is an act of hospitality in which Christ is present. Listening to such stories helps us see beyond what is to what can/could/might be, opening imaginative possibilities and realities beyond the immediately visible and self-evident. Ultimately, our relationships with others can then inform and shape our own story.

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Dawn Rundman, Sparkhouse, Augsburg Fortress
Who are young people today and what in our cultural narrative impacts how youth hear, interpret, and live out God’s story? Learn about the gifts, energy, and passions youth have for their life of discipleship and how adults can effectively guide and direct their gifts and passions as they live out (and into) their unique stories.

Handouts for this webinar

with Carol Jacobson, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary
Webinar PowerPoint
How does where you live make a difference for how you live and tell God’s story? Learn how Jesus’s attention to his context(s) and listener(s) shapes how he tells his story and receives theirs, and consider how attention to context and place presents both challenges and opportunities in sharing God’s story with others.

Story of Scripture

with Julia Fogg, California Lutheran University
Discover God’s story as revealed in Scripture and how that enduring story shapes the unfolding stories of God’s people. Through reading the stories of a God who breaks boundaries and crosses borders to reach people, you are invited to connect with the ministry of Jesus and orient your story to receive, follow, and pursue God’s good work.

with Colleen Windham-Hughes
Webinar Powerpoint
We live by stories. In the middle of God’s story, which includes all of creation and the life of Jesus, we live and tell our life stories. Learn how living your story as part of God’s story shifts your perspective to search for the good in your neighbor, community, and self.

with Dave Ellingson
Webinar PowerPoint
The biblical narrative is a powerful story of pilgrimage, a journey from creation, through death and into new life. This session will explore how this powerful narrative becomes a framework for how we view the world and our lives and how we invite children, youth and families into this powerfully transformative story.

Framing Youth
with Jeremy Myers
Society’s views and stereotypes of youth are based primarily on myths. Unfortunately, many of our ministry practices are influenced by these myths. This session will uncover some of the myths that cause us to frame our young people negatively and will offer practical ways to help you and your congregation to begin framing youth as children of God who have gifts to share and calls to live.

Life and ministry tend to place many demands upon us all. We often feel like failures in one or more areas of our lives. The world seems to frame us with expectations of perfection and success but God’s grace frames us with forgiveness. This session will remind you of this truth and give you practical ways to live into that forgiveness and share it with others.

Framing Christian Community

with Joshua Graber
We apologize for the technical issues on the video. The audio is missing for about 2 minutes at the 7:20 mark (but it comes back!) and the slides do not always match the audio. You may wish to listen to the audio on the video and follow along with the PowerPoint linked below. The curriculum used at synod trainings is also liked below for your reference. 

Webinar PowerPoint


This lesson will present a way of walking alongside individual young people, communities and families as we help them frame their lives by learning through relationships with surrounding community, learning from an intentional community and learning about yourself through community. We will explore practices of faith that help us frame our lives in solitude and in community.
Handouts referred to during the webinar:
Rhetorical Triangle Tool
Relational Meeting Questions

Webinar PowerPoint 
Baptismal Promise Handout
“Where there is no vision, the people will perish . . .” (Proverbs 29:18). That sounds great, but how do you figure out what that vision is and get people to buy into it? This session will explore the various ways ministry with children, youth and families fit within a congregation and will introduce you to some steps you can take and some tools you can use to guide your congregation through a process of discerning its mission for ministry with children, youth and families.

Framing the Path; Practicing Thing New
with Rozella White;

Webinar PowerPoint
You have come to realize that the culture is shifting. Church is not as important in peoples’ lives as it once was. You are also probably convinced that your congregation’s approach to ministry with children, youth and families needs to change. Maybe you even have some ideas! This session will help you frame a path towards change in your congregation. We will help one another identify and plan the steps we need to take to create the change we need to see in our congregations’ ministry with children, youth and families. 

Story of Service
with Mark Jackson
Webinar PowerPoint
What stories get told through service experiences? Explore biblical stories of service and practices that make room for recognizing and honoring others’ stories. When service and mission experiences are thought of as more than projects and trips, service can become a lifelong spiritual practice and way of life.

2015 Story 

A brief description of each lesson in the 2015 curriculum. 

Story of Faith Community

John Cummings, Meghan Sobocienski, and Elizabeth Flores, Grace in Action

How can the historical church - ekklesia -translate to who we are called to be as church today? Stories of Jesus and the early “church” show us how we can be a true community of faith, across racial, socioeconomic and other boundaries that so frequently divide us. Engage in interactive conversation and activities that explore what it means to be a faith community today.

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