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Welcome to the Practice 
Discipleship Initiative

Welcome to the Practice Discipleship Initiative!
 Our goal is to provide training resources for congregations in their 
faith formation work with young people.

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2016 Wonder 

A brief description of each lesson in the 2016 curriculum. 

Schedule of the webinars 
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Upcoming Webinars

Thursday, September 8th- 1pm Central
Wondering about Confirmation – Dr. Terri Elton, Associate Professor of Leadership, Luther Seminary

Confirmation is a ministry with a long history, yet what is the place of confirmation today? Wondering about Confirmation will suggest ways confirmation can continue to be an adaptive and vital congregation ministry in the 21st century

Thursday, October 13th- 1pm Central
Wondering at Creation -- Rev. Dr. Brian Peterson, Professor of New Testament, Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary (Lenoir-Rhyne University)

Given the scientifically-oriented culture within which we live and engage in God’s mission, we have an obligation to help our young people understand that what science teaches us about the universe is not only comprehensible within the context of faith, but can also nurture a healthy and faithful wonder at what it means to be part of, and stewards of, God’s creation.

Thursday, November 10th- 1pm Central
Wondering in Prayer– Dr. Mindy Makant, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Lenoir-Rhyne University

We teach children the Lord’s Prayer and prayers for meals and bedtimes, and we often teach children how to pray for friends and family.  We often stop there.  But we are called to worship God with all of heart and soul and mind.  So, in this session we will explore prayer forms that engage the senses and the imagination, opening a space for us both to dwell and to wonder in God. 

Previous Webinars

Wondering Creatively – Stephanie Burke, writer, actor, drama director and performance artist

Virtually every one of us is creative as a child, but as we grow older we often lose a sense of that wonder and freedom that comes with creativity. In this session we will re-imagine the concept of creativity, and through hands-on explorations rediscover and reignite God's creative presence and vision for our lives.

Webinar PowerPoint

Resources mentioned during the webinar:

Walking on Water: Reflections on
Faith and Art  -
Madeleine L'Engle

Drawn In: A Creative Process for Artists, Activists, and Jesus Followers  
-Troy Bronsink

Heart Steps: Prayers and Declarations
for a Creative Life  -Julia Cameron


Your Elusive Creative Genius  
-Ted Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert

The Creative Life: A Workbook for Unearthing the Christian  
-Alice S Bass

The Artist Way -Julia Cameron

Previous Webinars (cont.)

Wondering about the Church- Peggy Hahn, Director of LEAD, Gulf Coast Synod (TX, LA)

Wondering about the church in a time of cultural shift. We were born for this. This is our watch as leaders and we want more than survival for our congregations and especially for the children, youth, and families we serve. This session will focus on developing the courage and faith necessary to become to leaders we are called to be.

Webinar PowerPoint

Resources mentioned during the webinar

Conversational Intelligence- Judith Glaser
The Vanishing Neighbor- Marc Dunkelman

Wondering through Service Learning – Mark Jackson, Professor & Chair of Children, Youth & Family Studies, Director, Center for Community Engagement, Trinity Lutheran College

Service learning moves service projects and mission trips from one-time events to experiences that open minds and hearts to new ways of thinking and acting. For example, youth might ponder tough questions about poverty in your hometown, notice the incredible artistry within God's creation, or glimpse the wisdom of a senior citizen in a simple conversation. By emphasizing adequate preparation, intentional reflection, and sharing stories with others, service experiences can be brought to life in profound, astonishing ways.

Webinar PowerPoint

Wondering with Children and Youth– Dr. Jeremy Myers, Associate Professor of Youth and Family Ministry, Augsburg College

One of the most important things we can do for the children, youth and families we serve is to help them think theologically. Thinking theologically is not the memorization and regurgitation of dogma or doctrine. Rather, it is the active and fluid reflection on God's current and ongoing activity in our lives and communities. It is not reserved for only pastors or adults, it is for all of us. This workshop will help you discover ways to help children, youth and families wonder together about God and reflect on God's redemptive action in our world.

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