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How to remote lock/wipe your devices (if you didn't password protect them)

12 Mar 2015 12:02 AM | Andrew Arnold (Administrator)

I've been using an Android Tablet to preach from and a netbook for ELCA Youth Gathering and sermon-writing at the coffeeshop. Someone else decided they needed them more than I did. They smashed a window in my office and grabbed them off of my desk sometime last night. Luckily, or thankfully, I had my big laptop at home with me and so I still have it. The other devices were mostly cloud storage, so no real data lost.

But it reminds me to remind myself, and you, of the value of password protecting your devices and, when possible, setting up remote lock/wipe capabilities on them. The netbook, running Google Chrome, was password protected. The tablet, running Android Lollipop (which I just went to the effort of learning how to install from a downloaded ROM last week), was not. But, using Android Device Manager - - I was able to see that it hasn't been turned on since it was stolen and set it to lock whenever it is turned on, which won't be for long, as I still have the charger and was having battery issues anyways. But, it should have been locked in the first place, as it has access to my Google Docs and other notes and information that aren't really public.

iOS devices can use for similar find/lock/wipe functionality.

If you have a security system, get it tested and inspected. We had one. It was armed. There is a motion sensor in my office. But it didn't detect the motion of an arm coming through a window, reaching to the other end of my desk, and grabbing these items. I'm probably the most frustrated about the failure of that system to actually do anything helpful.

It's just stuff. It's just old stuff. I was looking for an excuse to replace it anyways, so I really am not that broken up about it getting stolen, but please do better than I did to safeguard the information stored on your stuff. And, if you don't, please save this post so you can come back to it if you, like me, need to remote lock/wipe your devices!

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