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Regional Facilitators

The Network's Regional Facilitators are the link between the Network "Organization" (and we use that term loosely) and the Network on a local level.  They facilitate communication with synods, promotion of the Network and local and regional networking.

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Regional Facilitators

Regional Facilitators Terms of Office

Term Expires Region RF Serving Eligible for Re-election?
January 2016 6 Julie Schussler Peralta No
January 2016 2 Janet Renick No
January 2016 8 Robin Kunkel Yes
January 2017 1 Pamela Gompf Yes
January 2017 4 Ian Hartfield Yes
January 2017 5 Andrew Karrmann Yes
 January 20187Abby TriebelYes
 January 20183Ashley StrelauYes
 January 20189Paul CarlsonYes

RF Coach:  Amy Wagner

Regional Facilitators serve a 3-year term, and can be re-elected once for a total of 6 years of continuous service.  After their tenure, an RF may be eligible to serve again after one year.
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